BNB Roadmap

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What's included?

Cohost Accelerator

Advanced training for experienced hosts to help them take their business to the next level through the cohost hosting model.

Sprint to Super Host

Training for newby hosts that will take you from dead beginner to having a profitable and easy to manage short-term rental listing. 

What you'll get

  • SPRINT TO SUPERHOST training, which includes over 25 training videos
  • 15+ worksheets and checklists
  • Module 1: Correcting your mindset and addressing common objections
  • Module 2: The ins and outs of creating a brand new listing
  • Module 3: Creating fantastic accommodations for your guests
  • Module 4: Mastering the mysteries of calendar and pricing
  • Module 5: The most important member of your team
  • Bonus #1: Tech vault
  • Bonus #2: Template downloads
  • Bonus #3: PDF and Mp3 downloads of ALL the trainings
  • Access to me and other experienced members in the private member's only mastermind group


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