Airbnb Starter Pack by Lauren Meeks

Airbnb Starter Pack

If you're serious about starting or expanding a profitable Airbnb business, then this 5-part bundle is a MUST. Here's what it includes:

- A-Z Listing Checklist to help you launch your listings quickly ($97 value)
- House Manual Template. To help protect your listing and ensure a wonderful guest experience ($97 value)
- The "Convince Your Significant Other" Script will give you the confidence to talk to your significant other about Airbnb ($27 value)
- Bonus #1: My Airbnb Book will take the “scary” out of Airbnb with real-life stories  ($17 value)
- Bonus #2: My Automated Messaging Swipe File will help you automate your listing ($97 value)

What's included?

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